Colorado Flute Association

Promoting collaboration, inspiration, and participation for flutists throughout the state of Colorado

CFA Summer Scholarships

Scholarships up to $200 each will be awarded to current CFA members for Summer 2017 flute events! 

Application Requirements

1. Essay: Part One - Tell us about yourself! Part Two - Tell us about your flute playing/flute activities!
2. What event are you attending?
3. One Reference (private teacher or band director) - please provide name, role, and contact information

Save your file as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file.
Applications should be emailed by 11:59pm
on April 1st to:
[email protected]

Priority will be given to applicants attending events held by current CFA members

Events Hosted by CFA Members

Event and Location(s)
June 12-16 (Denver, CO)
June 15-19 (Toronto, ON)
August 9 (A Pre-NFA day in Minneapolis, MN)
June 11-16 (Commerce, TX)
July 31-August 4 (Denver, CO)
July 9-13, grades 9-12 (Whitewater, WI)
June 18-July 2 (Denver, CO)
May 31-June 4 (Asheville, NC)
June 14-18 (Boulder, CO)
June 26-July 2 (Miami, FL)
May 29-June 5 (Santa Fe, NM)