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2017 K-12 Student Honors Competition Winners

Saturday, April 29th 2017

10:00AM - 4:00PM

NEW LOCATION: Colorado Academy's Schotters Music Center

3800 South Pierce St., Denver, CO 80235

Kindergarten-3rd Grade Solo Cuckoo (from Suzuki bk. 1)

Raphael Ubertone

Edie Esposito

Chloe Chesley-Vogels

Maris McPheeters

Meredith Mack

Mara Harris

Alaan Foster

Delaney Svensson

Lily Fable

Olivia Nelsen

Kindergarten-3rd Grade Duet

Raphael Ubertone & Edie Esposito

Maris McPheeters & Chloe Chesley-Vogels

Mara Harris & Meredith Mack

4th-6th Grade Solo Gavotte by Gossec

1st Place: Corva Graham (teacher: Liz Hicks-Kimmey)

2nd Place: Leigh Schmidt (teacher Liz Hicks-Kimmey)

3rd Place: Nicole Bratton (teacher Catherine Peterson)

Honorable Mentions: Chloe Stevens, Camila Martinez

7th-9th Grade Solo Allegretto by Godard (from 24 Short Concert Pieces)

1st Place: Arianna Tullis (teacher: Mary Beth Norris)

2nd Place: Jordan Peterson (teacher: Carol Codrescu)

3rd Place: Nora Dooling (teacher: Catherine Peterson)

Honorable Mentions: Eden Ainscough, Alyssa Nelson, Nathanael Kim

7th-9th Grade Duet

1st Place: Emily Zhang & Joy Bedford

10th-12th Grade Solo Ballade by Perilhou (from 24 Short Concert Pieces)

1st Place: Rebecca Park (teacher: Nancy Andrew)

2nd Place: Hannah Tassler (teacher: Brook Ferguson)

3rd Place: Kyrie Newby (teacher: Malia van Rooy)

Honorable Mention: Megan Doyle

10th-12th Grade Duet

1st Place: Hannah Tassler & Rebecca Park

2nd Place: Julia Beattie & Zack Conner