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2019 Student Honors Competition

Saturday, May 11, 2019 
Colorado Academy 

2019 Competition Winners

Grade K-2

Ava Sorensen and Eric Liu - Students of Isabella Ubertone

Grade 3-5

1st place: Annelise Brindle - Student of Shanna Toews

2nd place: Max Kutner - Student of Cora Crisman

3rd place: Liam Jacobs - Student of Emma Shubin

Honorable Mention: Josephine Long

Grade 6-8

1st place: Corvina Graham - Student of Liz Hicks-Kimmey

2nd place: Ashley Launer - Student of Shanna Toews

3rd place: Nicole Bratton - Student of Cathy Peterson

Honorable Mention: Claire Hu

Grade 9-12

1st place: Ayla Lantz - Student of Tamara Maddaford

2nd place: Tori Rognerud - Student of Michael Williams

3rd place: Arianna Tullis - Student of Mary Beth Norris

Honorable Mention: Samuel Nixon

Honorable Mention: Kristen Isaly

Duet: Arianna Tullis and Nathaniel Kim


1st place: Claire Gunsbury - Student of Christina Jennings

2nd place: Mara Riley - Student of Christina Jennings

3rd place: Shai Funk - Student of Andrea Artley

Honorable Mention: James Walter